If you have concerns that your child may have been the victim of sexual misconduct at school, a skilled attorney can help.

We all want our kids to be safe from harm. This applies to the home where they live, areas where they play, and most assuredly at school where they learn. It feels like an especially large breach of trust when we think that they may have been the victim of an increasingly alarming problem at many schools across the nation: sexual misconduct/assault.

This at times might feel like fear mongering, taking something extremely rare and using it to capture public attention, but unfortunately in recent years the problem has been identified at more and more schools.  Most teachers and school administrators are upstanding people who dedicate their lives to helping children learn and grow and ardently look out for them when they are in their care. However bad actors among them, along with fellow students, are frequently in positions where they can violate the trust given to them by unsuspecting parents.

K-12 programs are not required to track or report cases of sexual assault to the federal government, so finding nationwide numbers can be difficult. Luckily, in California K-12 schools are required to report sexual assault and battery incidents, and recent statewide reporting (from the associated press survey of state education departments) shows that over the last 4 years almost 5,000 such incidents were reported!

Sexual assault or misconduct can mean a whole range of non-consensual actions from one person towards another including sexual harassment, molestation, rape, attempted rape, inappropriate touching, etc. Since it often occurs by the hands of teachers, supervisors, coaches, and even our children’s friends – it can sometimes go on for lengths of time and cause severe mental and emotional damage. For this reason, it is incredibly important that if you think your child may have been the victim of inappropriate sexual conduct at school, that you contact a skilled attorney right away who can work with police to protect the child and also secure for you adequate compensation for the harm and hold any and all parties to it responsible. Even if you have contacted the police and they have told you that there is not enough evidence to press a criminal case, your attorney may well be able to gather evidence and present a civil case against any and all persons responsible. This includes getting you compensation for any counseling your child may need, medical treatment, and damages for emotional pain and suffering.

We at Slatter Law Firm are not just attorneys but also parents, and we’re prepared to bring our 30 years of experience and determination to bear on protecting the rights of you and your children. Slatter Law Firm represented a victim raped by a Los Angeles Police officer in the California Supreme Court case of Maryann vs. City of Los Angeles, a seminal case that helped establish California law across the entire state in sexual abuse cases by police officers. If you believe your child may have been the victim of unwanted sexual conduct while at school, please call us today for your free consultation at (310) 444-3010 or toll-free at (888) 293-0404.

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